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Vivie Otto a.k.a Wedzz

Share any things about my lifestyle, sweet memory and my feelings. All just for my beloved friends. See my Profile

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Just ordinary gurl without superpower and born in Kelantan. Just simple lifestyle and happy go lucky... trying to be good muslimah.. well, now studying at MMU malacca.. that's all.. hehe

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Vivie Otto

a.k.a Wedzz


p/s: post ini berbabur emosi kurang stabil si kenit.Alert!  JANGAN BACA! ALERT! jangan cakap kenit tak payung.

Its just  a dilemma.

timbul persoalan berat di benak kebelakangan ni.Persoalan yang tidak mampu di jawab. Persoalan yang terus menjadi tanda tanya.

Lihat sekeliling, absolute nothing you get from life till now.

A daughter? are you good enough?
Achievement? any achievement you can proud of?
love story? are you kidding me?

A motivation.I cant get any since people around me proud of their life, their achievement, married, kids, studies..


"maka nikmat mana lagi yang engkau dustakan?"

Nikmat kesedaran, nyawa, bersama abah umi(porabeh boreh)..

Tak bersyukur,jangan mengeluh.

hikmah.hikmah hikmah.

O' Allah, send me reminder.Always.I need you.

oh sae,come back.please.i need your word

Enjoy. Haha.

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