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Share any things about my lifestyle, sweet memory and my feelings. All just for my beloved friends. See my Profile

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Just ordinary gurl without superpower and born in Kelantan. Just simple lifestyle and happy go lucky... trying to be good muslimah.. well, now studying at MMU malacca.. that's all.. hehe

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Vivie Otto

a.k.a Wedzz

Assalamualaikum.. /hi

uneasy feeling when you get a dream.

is it sign?

or, just a dream?

i am scared to fall asleep. 

what if, its become real?

hold my heart, say something.

say something please?


~*cant say it outloud.*~
~*hold it, keep it*~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Si malas dan si kenit.

Hoi /hi

Apa kaitan panda dengan miku yang comel lagi kenit?

Alkisah, Miku yang comel katanya tak boleh terima kehilangan. she hates crying. but end up she will cry for everything she loves.Nampak ganas, nampak je la, Tapi cengeng yang amat.

Tapi, si panda ni pandai control si miku..

Satu hari Miku hilang 'buku'. buku tu hanya buku buruk.Tiada tulisan bermakna. hanya contengan bodoh.Tapi coontengan tu hanya miku yang tahu. dari hati yang paling dalam. Banjir kilat dengan tangisan miku. *nasib baik suara nangis tu merdu*

Panda, its for you actually. everything. is for you. buku tu.. tulisan tu..

But, panda..thanks for bring it back to me..

~*Oh sae, i miss you*~
~*i wish, i can bring you back, here*~

Assalamualaikum. wb.t

Its being long.

yeah, i kept everything unsaid.

there's a time i found a little happiness, called friends.

yeah, i am happy though. thanks buddy.

But you know what, my heart...i don't know it is on healing process or it is in destruction phase.

All i know, pain, hurt.

His promised, he will tested everybody in many way goods or bad, we never know. unless have faith.

i'm being tested.HEART.

i lost, i fall and try to get up...

You know what, i don't know how to relate 'HILANG' and what am i trying to say now?


i lost my precious,
i lost my trust to anyone.
i am losing my 'heart'.

whatever, just mumbling.

Salam sayang,

~*things left unsaid*~

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